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Why I’m So Grateful To be Out of My 20s

A few nights ago, I got to have a girl’s night. Yes, “got to.” Hubby recognized my need for some “me” time and hunkered down with the kids so I could go out for margaritas. The evening was an interesting dynamic because the girls I met up with were in their mid-twenties, and I? Well, I am not. But […]

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Where to Trick-or-Treat in Nashville 2016

Halloween is just around the corner!  That means it’s time for our annual round-up of the best places to celebrate Halloween and trick-or-treat in Nashville, right? Whether you’re an allergy mama  or hoping for some candy-free fun, get your costumes ready (or borrowed) and head out for a ghoulishly good time! Trick-or-Treat in Nashville Cheekwood Harvest […]

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Harry Potter and The Life Lessons

Harry Potter and The Life Lessons

In honor of the release of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, I wanted to share some life lessons I think are to be learned from the Harry Potter series. I learned these lessons myself, while growing up reading the books. And I hope to pass them on to my daughter as she grows. *Spoilers […]

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8 Great Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

I hear more and more discussions these days surrounding the negative effects of sugar on our bodies. Schools become stricter on what can be passed out in the classroom. And lunch rooms (slowly) become healthier spots to eat. Even still, Halloween kicks off a season filled with sugar, sugar, and more sugar! I’m all about the occasional treat, […]

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