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The Life Changing Magic of Self-Care

Self-Care. These two little hyphenated words changed my life in the most beautiful way. I’m sure I’d skimmed an article in the past about self-care, maybe I’d even heard people around me discuss it, but it never really meant anything to me until I hit that point where heart raising, dish smashing (ok this was […]

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My Baby Won’t Take a Bottle!

Once my exclusively breast-fed daughter reached 9 weeks, I introduced a bottle. Better phrased, I attempted to introduce a bottle. Unlike my son, who could only be soothed with a nipple (pacifier, bottle, or natural—he didn’t discriminate), my baby girl turned her nose up at this foreign piece of BPA-free silicone. I shouldn’t have been […]

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Confessions of a Recipe Hoarder

I didn’t touch a stove until I was almost 30 years old. No, I’m not kidding. I obviously had lovely, spoiled early years. My parents cooked for me until I moved in with my now-husband, and then we mostly ordered out. Sometimes he cooked or we microwaved up some hot dogs. Frozen dinners were also a staple. […]

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