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Surviving Grief During the Holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching. As everyone seems to gear up with holiday cheer, the season marks a looming sore spot for those who are grieving. Whether you grieve the loss of a loved one or the loss of a marriage, grief is the unwelcome guest at every holiday occasion for some of us.  I’m all […]

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holiday lights in nashville NMB

Where to See Holiday Lights in Nashville!

One of my very favorite childhood memories is piling into my grandparents’ car with my family and driving through the countryside around our small town to see Christmas lights. I can still hear my grandfather singing along with Elvis’s Blue Christmas while I took care of the “oooooohs” from the back seat. Year after year, it […]

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In Defense of Christmas Presents

Let’s talk about Christmas. Specifically? Let’s talk about Christmas with a kid old enough to get excited about Christmas. Because, y’all. I’ve waited nearly THREE DECADES for this! Okay. That’s slight hyperbole considering I didn’t truly start thinking about what it would be like to watch my child’s face light up brighter than the fake pre-lit […]

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Public Displays of Adoption

I have two incredible children through adoption. I could not love them more even if I had given birth to them. In fact, I am jealous of those nine months of their lives that I wasn’t holding them. (They are amazing and I’m greedy.) They are unequivocally mine — regardless of biology. Our family is multiracial. I […]

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