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The Great Kindergarten Debate — Is My Child Ready?

My son is getting bigger by the minute. And with each pair of outgrown pants, each successful assembly of a Lego figurine, and each correct understanding of a spelled out word (Seriously? We’re going to have to learn sign language or something!), I’m becoming acutely aware that he’s ready for kindergarten. But is he?  We have […]

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Looking For a Fitness Win?

Looking for a fitness win? Or any type of win? Do you need to feel like you are absolutely crushing something? Then go for a run . . .in the rain. I’m currently training for the Music City Half Marathon, and today was my workout day. My full-time job makes training really difficult, so I have […]

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Why I’m So Grateful To be Out of My 20s

A few nights ago, I got to have a girl’s night. Yes, “got to.” Hubby recognized my need for some “me” time and hunkered down with the kids so I could go out for margaritas. The evening was an interesting dynamic because the girls I met up with were in their mid-twenties, and I? Well, I am not. But […]

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