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Confessions of A Slacker Elf on the Shelf Mom

The Elf on The Shelf—behavior modification at it’s finest. This elf shows up sometime before Christmas, and he (or she) reports your child’s behavior directly to the Big Man at the North Pole. The Elf magically flies to Santa at night to report only to return to your home by morning. To make this appear […]

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Nashville Christmas — Mall Survival Guide: Rivergate

I know what you think about Rivergate Mall. Absolutely nothing. Most of you have forgotten about it completely or never even knew this tiny patch of past-its-glory retail bliss located in Goodlettsville (a mere 10 minutes from downtown) even existed.    You might think “bliss” is a strong word to use when talking about a near-abandoned shopping […]

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Totally Useful Christmas Crafting NashvilleMomsBlog

Totally Useful Step-by-Step Guide to Christmas Crafting with Your Kids

Christmas is such a beautiful holiday. The twinkly lights, the glow of a fire, the frosted windows, the peaceful blankets of snow (that I’ve seen in pictures)…AHHH. It makes anyone want to take their kids out in 35 degree weather to Shelby Bottoms Park, force them into coats and hats and gloves (which they love […]

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How To Dress Your Baby Like A Rock God: A Lesson in Last-Minute Costuming

Boo. That’s Boo. Not… It’s almost Halloween, and I’m not excited. When October 31st rolls around, we all say, “Boo!” for different reasons. I say it because I have to mutilate a perfectly functional gourd and wear cat ears to the grocery store. Halloween has just never really been my thing. It could be the […]

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