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holiday lights in nashville NMB

Where to See Holiday Lights in Nashville!

One of my very favorite childhood memories is piling into my grandparents’ car with my family and driving through the countryside around our small town to see Christmas lights. I can still hear my grandfather singing along with Elvis’s Blue Christmas while I took care of the “oooooohs” from the back seat. Year after year, it […]

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Defense of Playing Hooky Nashville Moms Blog

In Defense of Playing Hooky

“When can we have a Mom and Nathan Day?” My son’s question—and his big brown pleading eyes—stopped me short as I made breakfast on a Monday morning. It was true that since his little sister was born, almost two years ago, time for just the two of us was in short supply. He attended a five-day-a-week […]

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Favorites to Share with my Daughter

Favorite Movies from Childhood That I Can’t Wait to Share with my Daughter

I know there is no shortage of kid’s movies or television shows these days. I love the positive messages and diversity that shows and movies promote to kids today. Yet, there is something special about sharing favorites from your childhood with your own children, whether it be movies, characters, or books. I am excited to share […]

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