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The Best Baby-Friendly Policy

I loathe the term cluster feed. Ever heard of it? My second night postpartum, I asked my nurse to take my son to the nursery so that I could sleep. She shook her head and said that Baby-Friendly hospitals encourage rooming in so that babies can cluster feed. Come again? By this time, I’d been awake for nearly […]

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On Baby Sleep, Sanity, and Selfishness

On Baby Sleep, Sanity, and Selfishness

Dear New Mama, You just read the 2016 AAP safe sleep guidelines that encourage parents to roomshare with baby for “ideally” one year. Understandably, this causes conflicted thoughts and emotions—because you want your room back. Hear this—even if you are a “by the book” rule follower like me. Please hear this . . . You are not selfish if you decide to have your […]

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Weaning Sucks

The first year of my son’s life was relatively easy. He slept through the night from 10 weeks old, loved everyone, and—save for a few sleep regressions—he was a great baby. I was lucky enough to find a great support system in my local MOMS Club and, despite being across the country from my family, didn’t […]

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