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Tough Conversations With Your Child’s Teacher: A Guide from a Mom and Former Teacher

We’ve all been there: the kiddo comes home with a low grade or complaint about another student or teacher. If you are like most parents, approaching a potential conflict with your child’s teacher makes for murky and uncomfortable waters. When a student myself, my parents rarely intervened in my education. If I had an issue with a […]

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Kindergarten Registration in Nashville NMB

Kindergarten Registration in Nashville — What You Need to Know

  Kindergarten registration in Nashville begins on April 4, 2016. Nashville families have can enroll their five-year-old children in Metro Nashville Public Schools during this kindergarten enrollment period. We know that it can be confusing and overwhelming to wade through all the information and steps involved, so we’re partnering with MNPS to walk you through the process. Kindergarten […]

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Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom NashvilleMomsBlog

Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom

“When are you ever going to have time for yourself?” “Good luck! I could never do it.” “Are you [bleeping] crazy!?” Surprisingly, these aren’t responses to my announcing that I’ll be joining Unicef and traveling to developing countries to vaccinate impoverished children. These are but a small sampling of the responses I get when I […]

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