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Read Across America — Ways to Celebrate

Read Across America was created as a way to motivate kids to get their nose in a book and read. The annual event is held on March 2—the birthday of one of America’s most cherished children’s authors, Dr. Seuss. Now in its 20th year of existence, the message gets stronger each year.   Studies have […]

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When Good Enough (Not Great) Is Really Enough

Me? I’m a typical first-born. I find a huge amount of satisfaction in crossing things off my to-do list. I follow directions (to a T), crave approval for a job well done, and like order and structure in my life. However, becoming a mom really messed with that first-born persona. The phrase “good enough”? Not one used by […]

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Five Moms Who Rocked History

Happy Women’s History Month! While it may seem like we don’t need a whole month focused solely on women’s history, it’s my opinion that (sadly) we do. I didn’t get to learn about many awesome women until college. (Okay, Betsy Ross—maybe, but she just sewed a lot!) Maybe my Florida education had something to do with […]

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