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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales — The Craziest I’ve Heard So Far

Since the dawn of time, women have been birthing babies. Along with that comes a ton of well-meaning—but often odd—advice. Urban legends of pregnancy, if you will. I’m sixteen weeks in with baby #2,  and I’ve already heard and read many pregnancy urban legends and superstitions. Some are so odd, they’re laughable. Today, I’ll share a few […]

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Third Time’s the Charm? The Pregnancy

I know exactly when it happened. About a month into my oldest son starting five-day-a-week pre-K, I looked at my youngest son—then two years old—and thought, “I could handle another baby.” After much debate and discussion, my husband agreed. Actually—he said, “I think it’s a bad idea, but if it’s what you want, then ok.” And so […]

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When You Want Another Baby . . . And He Doesn’t

You’re supposed to compromise in marriage, but how do you find middle ground when you want another baby and your partner doesn’t? It’s a life-altering decision with major financial and logistical repercussions—and you can’t really meet halfway. That stick is either positive or negative. My husband and I discussed and debated having a third child for about […]

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Willfully Ignorant: Sex & Gender

I wasn’t one of those people who always wanted a baby, so when I decided to get pregnant there was a lot I hadn’t thought about. One of the biggies was whether I wanted to know the sex of the thing growing inside of me. There was no question for my husband. He wanted as […]

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