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7 Items that Bring My Family Back to Costco

We love tons of things we’ve found at Costco, but below are some of our top favorites:

1. Organic chicken & seafood — The chicken comes in bulk but separated into reasonably sized pouches. Easy to toss into the freezer and pull one out to defrost for a making dinner (or toss in the crockpot). The seafood? Amazing.

2. Olive oil — Kirkland brand olive oil is one of the top selling products and highest quality available. I’m Italian, and both my husband and I cook A LOT, so this is a staple in our home.

3. Fruit — We’re fresh fruit lovers, and this is (again) some high quality stuff. From pineapple to mandarins to grapes to mangoes to a variety of berries . . . you name it, we’ve bought it.

4. Lunch items — This covers a wide array of items: applesauces packs and pouches, snack packs (bunnies and fruit snacks), organic fruit juice boxes, Babybel cheese, and more — it’s so easy to pack a lunch when you’ve got a bulk selection stashed in the pantry.

5. Organic milk — When I was pregnant, I couldn’t get enough of the stuff, and this was hands-down the best way to keep it on hand! Seriously though, you can’t beat the price they offer on it.

6. Socks — We’ve bought socks for nearly every member of the family at Costco. If your family is like mine, you go through some socks. (Does the dryer REALLY eat them? I don’t know . . . ) These are high quality, and a variety of choices are available (including dress socks)!

7. Laundry detergent — I love the Ecos line that they carry, but I know a lot of people who swear by the Kirkland brand as well. In addition, I buy my natural laundry boosters (vinegar and baking soda) in bulk here too.

Honestly? That’s just the basics. We’ve purchased a variety of clothing items, toys, glasses, contacts, tires, gas, toiletry items, cereal, baked goods, household paper goods, and the list goes on. Costco’s products are wide in variety and high in quality.

What are the top items that you buy at Costco for your family? Please comment below!

Need more reasons to shop at Costco? Here ya go:

  • Competitive pricing on quality merchandise meets or exceeds local competitors.
  • Kirkland Signature products are rated higher than most leading brands.
  • Free demos and samples on a daily basis. (Not just the weekends!)
  • Costco is leading the nation in organic sales.
  • The environment in Costco speaks for itself with its cleanliness and well-lit warehouse shopping experience.
  • Costco offers many services in and outside of the warehouse: Auto Buying, Check Printing, Travel and Car Rentals (we’ve used this one, and were very happy with it!), Insurance, Mortgage Financing, Water Delivery, Leaf Guard, Flooring and Windows, Identity Protection, Pharmacy, Hearing Aid, Optical, and Photo Lab.
  • Discounts to restaurants, movies, spas, and many more.
  • They offer a 100-percent member satisfaction guarantee. They will refund your membership if at any time you are not satisfied.
  • Free healthy heart screening, osteoporosis screening to all members and non-members.
  • They offer pet meds!
  • Costco’s meat department is USDA Choice grade or better.
  • They have the best Rotisserie 3-pound chicken for $4.99 – no preservatives, MSG free, gluten free, and USDA grade.

If you’ve been considering joining Costco – now is the time to check it out! On November 13th, we invite you to our Costco Mom Hour (held at both the Nashville and Brentwood locations). Costco has graciously agreed to not only open their doors an hour early for NMB readers and their friends, but they will also be offering an exclusive membership special for new members (that day only). The first 100 moms who show up will receive a swag bag from Costco, chock full of some of their most popular Kirkland Signature brand items for YOU to try! There will also be special samples specifically chosen for moms and their kids, along with a continental breakfast (coffee, juice, water, muffins, danishes, fruit, etc!)




You do no not need to be a member to attend, but you do need a membership to make purchases. We think that once you’re there and see what they have to offer, the chances are you will want to take advantage of their membership special! Please use the link below to register so we know how many to expect!

3 Responses to 7 Items that Bring My Family Back to Costco

  1. Avatar
    Katie November 3, 2015 at 1:41 pm #

    Do you know what the membership special is? What would the cost be for a yearly membership?

    • Meg Wicks
      Meg Wicks November 3, 2015 at 3:03 pm #

      This and more information can be found on the event page and registration link! Membership is $55 yearly; with the special, new members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card (which can be used for any purchase at Costco). Executive Members will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card.


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