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9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Ready to celebrate Earth Day this year? We’ve put together some easy, fun ideas to do as a family to appreciate the Earth and make strides to keep it healthy.

Set some Earth Day Goals

Plan for walking or riding bikes as a family whenever possible or investing (and using!) water bottles. Here are 25 awesome ideas!

Join a Neighborhood Clean Up

Get some fresh air, meet your neighbors, and do something to improve the community! Most neighborhood associations or groups work with Nashville Metro Public Works—which provides gloves and bags free of charge! Check with your neighborhood organization for details. (Here’s a pretty good list!)

Collect and Recycle Glass

If you don’t already, now’s a perfect time to start a new family habit. Re-purpose an old bin by drilling holes in the bottom and collect your empty, clean glass containers. When your bin is full, drive it over to a recycling drop-off site or convenience center and drop it off for free!

Plant a Tree in Your Yard

Check out what native species to plant here and then how to do it here!

Go On a Recycled Item Hunt

Search for items in your house made from recycled materials (like cereal boxes or plastic bags). See if you can find five!

Reuse Mission

Dig through your family’s recycling bin and come up with a way to reuse one of the items. You might take a clear plastic food container and turn it into a small toy container. Find out how here along with six other ideas to reuse food containers!

Check Out an Earth Day Festival

Nashville’s annual festival is held at Centennial Park. (Don’t miss out on this and more in our Nashville Festival roundup!) Enjoy music, a beer garden, food trucks, and activities from 11-6p.

Clean Up Your Block

Take a lap around your block and pick up any trash you see. Take gloves and two bags—one for things can be recycled and one for trash!

Get Outside and Enjoy Mother Nature

Play in the mud. Go for a walk in the woods. Splash in a puddle. One of the best ways to develop a deep love and respect for our Earth is to enjoy it’s bounty. Go explore!

What ideas do you have for celebrating Earth Day as a family?

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