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Confessions of a Recipe Hoarder

I didn’t touch a stove until I was almost 30 years old. No, I’m not kidding. I obviously had lovely, spoiled early years. My parents cooked for me until I moved in with my now-husband, and then we mostly ordered out. Sometimes he cooked or we microwaved up some hot dogs. Frozen dinners were also a staple. […]

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Five Moms Who Rocked History

Happy Women’s History Month! While it may seem like we don’t need a whole month focused solely on women’s history, it’s my opinion that (sadly) we do. I didn’t get to learn about many awesome women until college. (Okay, Betsy Ross—maybe, but she just sewed a lot!) Maybe my Florida education had something to do with […]

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Romance Is Dead Life Is Awesome NMB

Romance is Dead and Life is Awesome

For some people, Valentine’s Day is a lovely excuse to let the person you’re with know how much they mean to you. For others, it’s a source of stress and un-met expectations. Still others are reminded of how lonely they are. Me? I choose to opt out—of all of it. I do believe Valentine’s Day can […]

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Volunteering with Kids

‘Tis supposed to be the season of thankfulness and giving and love and friendship. But in reality? ‘Tis often the season of tears and tantrums and GIVE ME and NO (the NO season is ongoing in my toddler-controlled household). I think a good way to get back to thankful is to get out there and volunteer with your family. […]

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Trying to Keep the Urban in Suburban

Everyone says it’s going to happen. You have kids, your priorities change. When I was pregnant (and blissfully ignorant), we bought a Craftsman house in East Nashville, built in 1920, full of character, original windows, gleaming hardwood floors, and a prime location near downtown. It was everything I wanted. It still is. But other things […]

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