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Nashville date night

35 Nashville Date Night Restaurants

Looking for a great place to enjoy a date night out with your significant other? From vegetarian to ethnic, high heels and pearls to converse all stars, candle light and soft music to strobe lights and rock and roll, Nashville has AMAZING places to satisfy EVERY foodie mood. We put together this list of some of our […]

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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales — The Craziest I’ve Heard So Far

Since the dawn of time, women have been birthing babies. Along with that comes a ton of well-meaning—but often odd—advice. Urban legends of pregnancy, if you will. I’m sixteen weeks in with baby #2,  and I’ve already heard and read many pregnancy urban legends and superstitions. Some are so odd, they’re laughable. Today, I’ll share a few […]

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17 Things to Purge Tidy Bathroom Nashville Moms Blog

17 Things to Purge for a Tidier Bathroom NOW!

We all need a cleaner house and a clearer space, right? We’ve put together a list of seventeen quick things that you can purge NOW in order to get you on your way to a tidier bathroom space TODAY. It’s so easy, you won’t believe you haven’t already done it on your own! Expired makeup – Using […]

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giving heart NMB

Teaching Kids To Have A Giving Heart

Often, when we hear about financially successful people, we hear about the wonderful things they do for others. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) donated $100 million in 2010 to support education programs. He routinely gives huge sums of money to organizations (and starts organizations) to help others who aren’t as well off as he. George […]

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21 Easy Ways To Clear Out Your Kitchen

This year, as I’ve written about previously, we started the Great Home Purge of 2016. Since I’ve been systematically going through every nook and cranny of our house, I’ve come up with quite the list of things I could have just thrown away from the get-go, rather than keeping for ten years. To make purging (and life) easier for […]

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Teaching Kids to Save The Rewards System NMB

Teaching Kids To Save — The Rewards System

My husband and I believe that teaching our children about money at an early age will help them tremendously as adults. We want them to have a “savings” mindset versus a “spending” mindset to set them up for financial success when they start their trek into the real world. But where to begin? We’ve chosen a rewards […]

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How I Met Your Father THAT GUY NMB

How I Met Your Father — He Was THAT GUY

How I Met Your Father — He Was THAT GUY is a part of a series celebrating love and marriage by telling the stories of some of our Nashville Moms Blog contributors and how they met their partners. Enjoy more of these sweet stories here! Let me set the stage. It was approximately 11 pm one night […]

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Purging Your Junk NMB

Toss, Donate, and Sell: The Basics For Purging Your Junk!

Spring cleaning. Two words that used to make me shudder. However, in the last six months or so, I’ve been trying to embrace the concept of purging and living with less. We have lived in our 1200-square-foot home since 2005. In the last eleven years, we have accumulated SO.MUCH.STUFF. I admit, my husband and I have been […]

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