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This is FIVE

The terrible twos, the three-nager, the ferocious fours… I’ve survived them all thanks to my rock-solid husband, a handful of friends I could count on for talk therapy, and an actual behavioral therapist to help me clinically handle my child on her worst days (and mine). All these stages are just small amounts of time […]

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I’m a Minimalist Kind of Mommy

Two and a half years ago, before my family moved to Nashville from the West Coast, my husband and I sat down and watched a special about two friends who call themselves “The Minimalists”. Their documentary is about how they both live their lives with less things (junk, collections, mementos, household items, hand-me-downs, etc) so […]

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Women, Let Your VOTE be your VOICE

  I haven’t posted much on social media this political season for a few specific reasons (like avoiding knock down drag out political fights with strangers on Facebook). But I feel like today it’s important to share something that’s been on my heart.     When I was in college, I took Political Science 400 […]

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Being A Volunteer in the “Volunteer State”

The truth? My now four year old will be able to go to whichever college she chooses after she graduates high school. I would never tell her where to apply, but . . . I am rooting and prepping her for the University of Notre Dame. The fact that I’m a diehard Fighting Irish fan […]

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Motherhood: The Ultimate Identity Crisis

Fearless. That’s just one of the adjectives I have used in the past to describe myself. I was an extremely outgoing extrovert, who enjoyed traveling the world (with no issues or qualms about it), constantly searching for the next adventure or great business idea. The list of things that intimidated me was a short one, […]

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