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Nine Totally Useful Tips on How to Entertain “the “Kids” (aka YOU) This Summer

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, snap! It’s summer! What on earth am I gonna do with my tiny humans for two whole months!?” You are undoubtedly going to be inundated with fun things to do around Nashville with your bored kids this summer. But what about YOU? What about YOUR summer? This year, I’ve come to an […]

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Birds and Bees — Having the Sex Talk with Your Kids

A few weeks ago at the park, I overheard a mom ask a friend what she thought of using the word “vagina” with her kids. My (somewhat judgmental, I admit) ears perked up as they discussed this. I was truly shocked. Here were these two educated-seeming women who were genuinely afraid of using the correct term […]

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Tips on Surviving a Stomach Bug NMB

Totally Useful Tips on Surviving a Stomach Bug

It’s that cold, dreary time of year when stomach viruses are looking for a warm new home—and inevitably find that inside my children’s digestive systems. Oh, is that a gross visual? I’m sorry. I have no standard for what’s disgusting anymore since I’ve been COVERED IN VOMIT FOR 48 HOURS. Nor do I have any idea […]

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