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Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom NashvilleMomsBlog

Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom

“When are you ever going to have time for yourself?” “Good luck! I could never do it.” “Are you [bleeping] crazy!?” Surprisingly, these aren’t responses to my announcing that I’ll be joining Unicef and traveling to developing countries to vaccinate impoverished children. These are but a small sampling of the responses I get when I […]

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The Myth of the Mom Identity NashvilleMomsblog

The Myth of the Mom Identity

Before Noah was old enough to understand what Trick-or-Treating was, a friend of mine told me that her mom had made all their Halloween costumes every year when she was growing up. It was a lovely memory for her, and Halloween a nostalgic time, and I loved the idea so much that I stole it […]

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Totally Useful Christmas Crafting NashvilleMomsBlog

Totally Useful Step-by-Step Guide to Christmas Crafting with Your Kids

Christmas is such a beautiful holiday. The twinkly lights, the glow of a fire, the frosted windows, the peaceful blankets of snow (that I’ve seen in pictures)…AHHH. It makes anyone want to take their kids out in 35 degree weather to Shelby Bottoms Park, force them into coats and hats and gloves (which they love […]

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Totally_ Useful_Tips_How_to_Have_Sex_Without_Interruptions_NashMomsBlog

Totally Useful Tips on How to Have Sex (Without Interruptions from Your Kids!)

It’s my son’s fault that my daughter was conceived. My husband and I had come to count on him as our main form of birth control—because he was so impeccably good at knowing exactly when we were feeling amorous and immediately waking up and ruining everything. The phenomenon happened so often, we named it “Project Prevent Siblings.” […]

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