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A Lonely Jew on Christmas

Titling my post with a highly inappropriate South Park reference . . . a lonely Jew on Christmas . . . something I never thought I’d do. In any case, it’s a pretty fitting description. I write a lot on this site about how we moved across the country a little over a year ago—mainly because it […]

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good sleep is hard to find Nashville Moms Blog

When Good Sleep is Hard to Find

For as long as I can remember, sleep has been a tricky area for me. As a kid, I remember spending many a night on the floor of my parents room, scared from my own bed by one nightmare or another. I would read news headlines or listen in on my dads never ending collection […]

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Weaning Sucks

The first year of my son’s life was relatively easy. He slept through the night from 10 weeks old, loved everyone, and—save for a few sleep regressions—he was a great baby. I was lucky enough to find a great support system in my local MOMS Club and, despite being across the country from my family, didn’t […]

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Why I Love Thanksgiving (Aside from the Stuffing)

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved fall. The weather turns cooler (though not REALLY in Southern California). The leaves turn colors (again, not REALLY in Southern California). In Nashville, we get fall! Holden came home from the hospital on the first day of fall last year. Plus, candy corn is available again. I […]

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Designing a Minimalist Nursery

We’re moving. Again. Exactly one year after moving across country, we’re packing the house. Again. This time, we’re putting all of our belongings in storage and staying with a cousin for 3 months, before we can buy a house. Trust me—it’s a long story… I hate packing. I mean, is there anyone who likes packing, really? […]

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On-Screen Relationships (And NOT the Ones in the Movies…)

Grandparents are amazing. Seriously, they love your kids as much as (okay sometimes more than) they love you. The relationship between the two generations is an important one. So, how do you make it work when your kid’s grands are across the country? Technology, my mamas. Technology is what it’s all about. Now, I know there’s a […]

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