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Sarah shares a few ways that she makes a little fun money online. You won't get rich doing these things, but it all adds up to a nice little treat!

How I Make a Little Fun Money Online

Fun money. Everyone wants it, but how do you get it? Maybe you have room for it in your budget. Maybe you don’t. I’m not here today to talk about budgeting, but rather about how I make a little fun money quickly and legitimately online. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let me just […]

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Holiday Planning Now: Five Simple Ways to Lessen the Crazy

Holiday Planning Now: Five Simple Ways to Lessen the Crazy Before It’s a BIG THING

Ahh, it’s winter! The holidays are over, and with the exception of Valentine’s Day (and any family birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) we have a lull in celebratory activities until Easter. Easter isn’t until APRIL 1st this year so that’s pretty much a three month holiday… from holidays. If you’re anything like me, you are likely feeling […]

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Mocktail Recipes for the Holidays

Growing up, I always felt so special when my dad or one of my grandpas ordered a Shirley Temple for me. Back then, I had never heard of mocktails, but I enjoyed having my own fancy drink at a family celebration or holiday event. This certainly didn’t happen every time we went out to eat. But […]

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