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What To Expect When You’re Beyoncé :: A Twin Pregnancy Guide

Dear Beyoncé, I have always known the time would come when you’d need my advice. You didn’t feel the need to consult me when you decided to break away from the other Destiny’s Children? Totally Fine. My soothing Lady-Vandross contralto wasn’t “right” for the “B’Day” sessions? No hard feelings. (But we both know it’s because […]

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Cold Weather Tips — from Your Friendly Canadian Moms

I’m not panicking, YOU’RE panicking. Blame the cold weather for bringing it on. The freeway is a little busier than normal, a little earlier than normal. The grocery line? Filled with jittery bread and milk toting denizens, is a little longer. The weatherman, bless his perfectly bronzed heart, is trying to stay cool on the outside whilst […]

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Cloudy with a Chance of HighballsDrizly is Here!Your Alcohol DeliveryNeeds_ MET.

Cloudy with a Chance of Highballs: Drizly is Here! Alcohol Delivery Needs = Met

The world can be a dark place. We are a nation drowning in its own privilege, plummeting to our deaths in pursuit of the almighty Pikachu, eating submarine sandwiches made of running shoes, inches away from an election that makes the majority of our population cringe given either outcome. It’s safe to say that for many […]

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