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Surviving Home Renovations—Without Ruining Your Marriage

If you’ve decided to undertake a home renovation, you might want to budget in a session with a marriage counselor— along with that general contractor—because it’s likely to be a bumpy (and stressful) ride. It’s almost guaranteed that your renovations will run over budget . . . and take longer than planned. In fact, now’s a […]

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Shop Small, Shop Local This Holiday Season, Nashville!

Fall is in the air, so that means the American public will soon be bombarded by advertisements for holiday gifts. Department stores and big box retailers will stuff your mailbox and usurp your television and computer screens in an effort to convince you to buy sweaters, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and all the things seemingly essential […]

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Participation Trophies: Harmless Token or Detriment to Society?

It’s one of the great parenting conundrums of our time: to proudly display your child’s participation trophy on the shelf or to scornfully toss it into the trash? The internet was recently ablaze over Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison’s social media posts dissing participation trophies, and that got me thinking about the value (or lack thereof) of […]

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