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Baby’s Firsts Crafts :: Easter

Baby's Firsts Crafts Easter NashvilleMomsBlog

I’m not naturally a super crafty person, but 12 years of Girl Scouts makes me feel like most things on Pinterest are pretty achievable. While sitting with my feet up at 8 months pregnant, I decided I wanted to do something to document baby’s first year of growth a little differently than just monthly pictures. That’s when I started seeing all of the adorable footprint and handprint crafts and decided that would be a cute way to watch our son grow through the year. His first holiday was Valentine’s Day:v-day craft

For Easter, I took a few different ideas and combined them to come up with my own. I try to make enough of each craft for each set of grandparents and great-grandparents—and, of course, one for us to keep.footprint egg

I found these wooden eggs at a local craft store, 5 for $6. The blue paint I already had on hand. footprint egg supplies

After the first egg, I discovered it was best to roll the egg along his foot from toe to heel instead of heel to toe, but it was a quick and easy craft that I think turned out pretty cute.

*Note: another set of hands was incredibly helpful to hold baby’s foot still. The whole project took maybe 10 minutes start to finish, but paint would have been everywhere if I had tried to do it alone.
painted foot

We also went shopping for his first Easter basket this weekend! I’ve been looking forward to having a baby for holidays, and the shopping alone was so much fun. I can’t wait until he gets a little bigger and can actually enjoy these times! While some things aren’t really for him (hello, chocolate bunny…), I just couldn’t resist including them. Plus—that means mom and dad get some guilt-free candy! I know it’ll be awhile before he needs the fork and spoon set, but I couldn’t pass them up either.

easter basket togethereaster basket contents

Happy Easter!

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