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Baby’s Firsts Crafts :: Mother’s Day

I am so, so, SO excited about Mother’s Day this year!!

Last year I remember hoping I could celebrate it as a mom the next year. Three weeks later, we found out I would be. My birthday is always right around Mother’s Day too, so I get double the celebration this year. For the grandmothers and myself, I found this cute footprint craft (on Pinterest, of course).

md supplies

One package of 4 blank 6×6 canvases (about $10 at Walmart) is the perfect size for baby footprints! The paints I already had on hand from other projects.

*supplies not pictured: wet wipes and sleeping baby

md painted foot

This step is always easier with extra hands (thanks, Hubby!) and a baby that’s a sound sleeper.

md footprints

Who doesn’t love sweet little baby feet?!!

md finished product

Easy enough!! I know his grandmas are going to love this, and I can’t wait to hang mine. His little feet have grown so much in three short months; it’s just amazing to watch him change a little bit more every day. (I added grass because one of my other favorite things about May is that this is the month when it’s finally warm enough to go barefoot, and there’s nothing better than bare feet in spring time grass. You could add birds, butterflies, ladybugs . . . let your imagination run wild!)

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