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Best Freebies for New Parents

I’m the queen of finding a good deal—and I didn’t want to change my ways just because I had a baby. Their stuff can be expensive! Good thing there are plenty of samples out there, right? And guess what? It turns out you don’t need a whole lot either. In order to determine what you do need (and like), you need to try things. Freebies and samples to the rescue!

To assist in your sampling and searching, I’m sharing a list of my favorite freebies for new parents. 

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Registry Bonuses

Most first time parents register at a baby store (or two). Personally, before I had a baby, shopping somewhere like Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, or USA Baby was wayyy overwhelming. So I didn’t register at any of those stores. But you totally can!

All the options have pros and cons, but figure out what works best for you. And take advantage of those freebies (and registry completion discounts)! We registered at Target and on Amazon and received great registry bonuses (and registry completion discounts) with both retailers.

The best part of Target’s baby registry bonus—aside from samples of baby toiletries, diapers, bottles, etc.—was a coupon for free coffee from Starbucks! Gotta love a present for mama too, right?

Amazon’s baby registry bonus box was pretty sweet as well, even if they didn’t send coffee. Bonus boxes are sent out to Amazon Prime members only (which is totally worth it for parents, thanks to the 20% discount on diapers #savingsgalore). That box was filled to the brim with product samples, a full size package of wipes, and coupons to use later. I also received some coconut water and a granola bar to munch on!

Baby Clubs

Formula companies love to sign new parents up for their various clubs. Aside from sending formula samples and coupons, they often send other fun goodies in the mail too.

Though I planned to breastfeed, I signed up for these freebies—just in case. I donated the samples and give away the coupons each month, so it turned out to be a win for me and a win for other moms.

The various formula companies offer the following:

  • Enfamil: They also sent special offers for Tiny Prints baby announcements and those cute month by month stickers to put on your baby’s belly for photo ops every month.
  • Gerber: They gave me a little bib and another set of those month by month baby belly stickers.
  • Similac: I didn’t receive anything else from them, but they are very generous with coupons and samples. Again, even if you don’t use them, if you’re willing to pass along the love to others who will, it can be worth it!

Publix: The grocery store has a baby club too! After I joined, I started to receive baby coupons. (And some are pretty high value!) The best part, however, was that Publix also sent me a copy of Caring for Your Baby and Young Child. I know that in the age of Google, you might think a book about baby care is obsolete, but sometimes it’s nice to not have a million options. One and done can be nice. Books have their place still! (says librarian Sarah…but it’s true!)

Sam’s Club: The big box store offers great gifts to parents. You can sign up for a Sam’s Club Baby Box, and I am happy to report that a Sam’s Club membership is not required to receive it. Score! When I received this freebie over the summer, it included wipes, a diaper, and a board book.

Also be on the lookout for a possible free Sam’s Club membership! One of our contributors received a free membership one year just for being pregnant/having a new baby at home. I missed this but have heard that they run this promotion every so often!


The Imagination Library, founded by Dolly Parton, sends one book a month to kids from birth to age five. Be sure to sign up early—right after baby is born—so your child can take full advantage. Tennessee is the only state that has adopted this program statewide. Pretty cool, I think.

But Dolly Parton isn’t the only one giving away books for free (or cheap) to kiddos. This librarian could not be more in love.

Whether you like Dr. Seuss, Baby Einstein, or Sesame Street, Early Moments Book Club offers Book of the Month Clubs for everyone. For the cost of shipping, you can get a set of each books to start—and then cancel your subscription(s) as desired.

World Book New Explorers offers a free copy of Animal Babies for a $1 shipping fee. Score! Though this is written for older kids, it’s great to start building baby’s library now. (Librarian talking again . . . )

What freebies did you find most useful as a new mama?

I personally love a good deal, but don’t like signing up for too much stuff. I can’t keep up with it all, and I hate clutter with a passion. The three best freebies/deals I’ve experienced in #momlife so far have been the Imagination Library and my registry completion discounts!

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