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Bring the Spa Home, Mama — Belle is for You

All you tired mamas out there? I feel you. All you mamas who haven’t pampered yourself, treated yourself, or scheduled your “me” time in so long that you can’t actually remember how long it’s been? I feel you. If you’re like me, you promised yourself that this would be the year that you remembered yourself in your list of people to care for and things to do . . . you know, at least once a month!

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I’m mom to three (11 and 3 year old boys and a 5 month old girl), I stay home and do all those stay-at-home adulting things involved with keeping a home (and everyone in it) running and organized. I also run a small business—so nap time isn’t really down time around here either. Things get crazy, and mama gets spread a tad thin. So, when Belle reached out to me about their at-home spa services, you know they had my attention in a big way. I could actually kick off the year with a “resolution” intact! Belle’s marketplace of talented local Professionals provides a variety of services—nail care, hair cuts and color, massage, yoga instruction, stylists, and much more—all in the comfort of your own home. That means you can transfer a load of clothes to the dryer, set the dishwasher to run, and then answer your door and welcome in your masseuse! (Follow that up with a glass of wine and/or a hot bath, and I won’t be judging you!)

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With such great options available, I strongly debated between a cut and color and a massage, ultimately booking Angie for an hour during my preschooler’s school hours and my infant’s nap time. I do not regret that decision. There was a time in my life when I received more frequent massage therapy . . . that also happens to have been a time in my life that involved no children and far less responsibility to anyone other than myself. In my experience, a good massage can greatly improve my well-being (relaxing and renewing sore joints and muscles—and what mom to a new baby doesn’t have those?) as well as my overall mood and outlook.

When Angie arrived, I’ll admit I had my doubts. I like deep massage and a pretty sturdy amount of pressure, and Angie is a small-framed woman. I was wrong to be judging the proverbial book by her cover—and very happily wrong. She may be small, but she’s a tiger, y’all. She brought the pressure in the most perfect way. Add that to her gentle, positive, and encouraging demeanor, and you’ve got yourself an excellent masseuse. Before she started, she asked about using essential oils during the massage, and I readily agreed. I settled the baby down for her nap, and we got started. It. Was. Amazing. And to top it all off, Angie left me with a chocolate and small tub of lavender bath salts so I could further the relaxation after she left. Nice touch and much appreciated!

There are a million reasons that Belle is a service that could benefit moms, parents, and well—anyone, really. Eliminate driving and parking and all the distractions the kids find along the way? Yes, please. Schedule my service in my own home at my own convenience? Yes, please. Another bonus? All pricing is firm and fair and include all tips and taxes—so you know the total when you book your service—no guessing and no guilt. I can’t wait to book Angie again, and I’m looking into getting my haircut (and maybe the kids’?) and possibly splurging on a stylist for our next big night out (which, admittedly, probably won’t be until our anniversary—but still!) Until then, the image in my head is this one of ultimate relaxation . . . Angie’s massage table in the front room of our home:

Belle Spa Service Massage in-Home NMB

Oh, and it’s not over yet, mama—we’ve got a treat for YOU too! We’re partnering with Belle to bring our Nashville Moms Blog readers a special discount when you try out their services for the first time. Enter the code NASHMOMS when you make your first appointment, and you will receive $25 off! Register with Belle and book your first appointment now—you can thank us later.

Disclaimer:: This post is sponsored, but all opinions are 100% our own.

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