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Being the Broke Mom in Your Social Circle

Are you free to go to the science museum tomorrow? Would you like to go to the zoo next week? How about a Chick-fil-A date soon? We should hire a baby sitter and double date this weekend.

This is how many of the conversations start in my mom social circle.

As a broke, stay at home mom, I usually smile and politely answer, “Oh, I will have to check my schedule and get back with you.” It’s much easier for me to text them later with a lame excuse of illness or dentist appointments than to reply what’s deep in my head, under my mom bun. “I CAN’T. WE ARE BROKE.” You must admit that would be a terribly awkward moment if I told the truth.

Nashville is thriving, and there is so much to do. A new restaurant pops up every minute. A city as active as ours makes being broke no fun at all. Yes, I know there are plenty of free activities. Blah blah blah. But let’s be honest. They aren’t nearly as attractive.

I should tell my friends to only schedule plans with me every other Thursday. Why? Because it’s payday, and my husband does the budget on Fridays. I have never understood how one day can be so stressful and glorious at the same time. Maybe I should just be honest and explain that some Wednesdays we count quarters to fill the car with gas to get our child to preschool. But wouldn’t that ruin what social life I have? I just can’t take the plunge to have that conversation.

I’m the first to say that I deliberately picked this job position. This truly isn’t a pity party post. Really, it’s written more to let the other penny-pinching moms out there know this:

You are not alone when you say no to going to brunch and yes to feeding your family.

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