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Birds and Bees — Having the Sex Talk with Your Kids

A few weeks ago at the park, I overheard a mom ask a friend what she thought of using the word “vagina” with her kids. My (somewhat judgmental, I admit) ears perked up as they discussed this. I was truly shocked. Here were these two educated-seeming women who were genuinely afraid of using the correct term […]

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Willfully Ignorant: Sex & Gender

I wasn’t one of those people who always wanted a baby, so when I decided to get pregnant there was a lot I hadn’t thought about. One of the biggies was whether I wanted to know the sex of the thing growing inside of me. There was no question for my husband. He wanted as […]

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Prenatal & Postnatal Class NB NMB

Meet Us at the Barre! Prenatal & Postnatal Class at Neighborhood Barre — Sept 1!

Are you a new or expectant mom? Looking to stay fit or to tone back up after baby? We’ve got the answer for you! Nashville Moms Blog is teaming up with Neighborhood Barre for an introductory prenatal/postnatal class. As fellow moms, we know the struggle—and so does Neighborhood Barre. They have instructors who are and have […]

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Baby + Co Birthing Center Nashville NashvilleMomsBlog

Baby + Co — A New Birthing Center Option for Nashville

We recently had the pleasure of touring Nashville’s newest option for expectant moms — the beautiful birthing center, Baby + Co. Founded by a certified nurse midwife, this company has recently come to our city, and we are thoroughly impressed by what they are offering to the mothers of Nashville. If you’re looking for a uniquely […]

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Three Subjects to Avoid with Pregnant Person NashvilleMomsBlog

Three Subjects You Should Really Avoid with Any Pregnant Person

My friend, at 38ish weeks pregnant, texted me saying: “So… I just burst into tears at the post office because some old a**hole just yelled, ‘LADY, YOU SURE ARE PREGNANT.’” My heart broke for her. She had reached that point where everything is a challenge. Not only are the pregnancy-specific complications you’ve been dealing with for the past […]

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