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Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom NashvilleMomsBlog

Confessions of a Terrified New Homeschool Mom

“When are you ever going to have time for yourself?” “Good luck! I could never do it.” “Are you [bleeping] crazy!?” Surprisingly, these aren’t responses to my announcing that I’ll be joining Unicef and traveling to developing countries to vaccinate impoverished children. These are but a small sampling of the responses I get when I […]

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Great Gender Reveal NashvilleMomsBlog

The Great Gender Reveal

Last week, as my husband and I sat anxiously awaiting the nurse to call my name for my 20-week ultrasound, I picked up a pregnancy magazine and zeroed in on a feature where readers shared how they revealed their pregnancy to loved ones. One of them said she put the at-home pregnancy test, which of […]

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Confessions of A Slacker Elf on the Shelf Mom

The Elf on The Shelf—behavior modification at it’s finest. This elf shows up sometime before Christmas, and he (or she) reports your child’s behavior directly to the Big Man at the North Pole. The Elf magically flies to Santa at night to report only to return to your home by morning. To make this appear […]

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