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Healthy eating on a budget... it can be done!

Healthy Eating on a Budget

We are fortunate to have so many people in this day and age on the healthy eating bandwagon. There’s a lot of online support for “clean eating” and recommendations for the best organic, grass-fed, non-GMO, pasture-raised, local meat, dairy, and produce. But, man! Have you tried to grocery shop that way?? Talk about sticker shock! […]

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Sarah shares a few ways that she makes a little fun money online. You won't get rich doing these things, but it all adds up to a nice little treat!

How I Make a Little Fun Money Online

Fun money. Everyone wants it, but how do you get it? Maybe you have room for it in your budget. Maybe you don’t. I’m not here today to talk about budgeting, but rather about how I make a little fun money quickly and legitimately online. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let me just […]

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grocery budget

Creating (And Sticking To) A Grocery Budget

Sticking to a monthly grocery budget is not my favorite pastime in the world. I’m a stay-at-home mom with three young children. We rely on my husband’s income to keep our family afloat, so I do my best to stick tight to a grocery and meal budget to help with expenses.  I should probably start […]

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Country Music Hall of Fame

Home Schooling in Nashville

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, the questions start. Hospital or home birth? Epidural or natural? Formula or breast milk? And these questions never end! When my first born reached preschool age, my husband and I enrolled her with high hopes of getting a head start on her education. I cried the entire […]

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