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Motherhood Unexpected My Child with Disabilities Doesn't Need Your Pity NashvilleMomsBlog

Motherhood Unexpected: Why My Child with Disabilities Doesn’t Need Your Pity

This is not the motherhood I pictured. There. I said it. At least, it’s not the motherhood I daydreamed about when I placed my hands on my smooth, round belly and delighted in the movement stirring inside. I knew I was having the little girl I’d always wanted, and I was thrilled. I pictured delicate ballet […]

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Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe NashvilleMomsBlog

Why Pregnancy Is the Perfect ‘Season’ to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, your body changes dramatically with every baby and rarely returns to it’s pre-pregnancy shape. This is the perfect opportunity to convert your closet to a capsule wardrobe. Have you heard about these wardrobe capsules? I stumbled upon them recently here and fell in love. The best step-by-step tutorial I’ve […]

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Making Good Choices 5 Tips Teaching Responsibility NashvilleMomsBlog

Making Good Choices — 5 Tips for Teaching Your Child Responsibility

Part of teaching children responsibility is teaching them to think about the impact their decisions and actions will have for themselves and others. This can include allowing your child to pick out their own outfit for school, discussing the pros and cons of dinner choices, or encouraging him pack his own suitcase for a family trip. Opening the door […]

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Great Gender Reveal NashvilleMomsBlog

The Great Gender Reveal

Last week, as my husband and I sat anxiously awaiting the nurse to call my name for my 20-week ultrasound, I picked up a pregnancy magazine and zeroed in on a feature where readers shared how they revealed their pregnancy to loved ones. One of them said she put the at-home pregnancy test, which of […]

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