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Celebrate Spring — Explore Cheekwood in Bloom!

Celebrate Spring Cheekwood NashvilleMomsBlog

I feel so lucky to live in a place that has all four seasons. Truly. I don’t even mind when it gets cold in December because Christmas-time is supposed to feel cold. But as soon as that clock strikes midnight on January 1st, I start looking for the first signs of Spring. Absurd, really, since I always seem to forget that January and February are when it gets really, honest-to-goodness, single-digit cold. This winter sure ended with an exclamation point as we got our first significant snow fall in over four years (So long, Snow Dome!)—right after our ice storm, as you may recall.

Take heart, fellow Nashvillians! Spring is coming (well, technically, it’s here…)! (For real this time.)

Some of my favorite things in the whole wide world are flowers. I plant them, keep them in vases, smell them, wear clothes with floral prints—you name it. So what better way to ring in Spring than by going to enjoy the 109,000 (!!!) tulips that soon will be making their appearance at Cheekwood? Other beautiful flora that will be there for your enjoyment include hyacinths, daffodils (30,000 to be exact), magnolias, irises, dogwoods, pansies, and viburnums. As far as Cheekwood is concerned, Spring is the most wonderful time of the year and a perfect for enjoying the ever-rising temperatures and very welcome sunshine.

yellow tulips cover pic

In addition to the beautiful grounds, they have a slew of Saturday and Sunday events lined up throughout March and April. Spring Art Hop (my personal favorite) is on Saturday April 4th from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. During their 23rd annual Art Hop, over 30,000 candy-filled eggs will be hidden in the beautiful gardens and up for grabs during the egg hunts that occur every half hour. Also included on that day will be arts & crafts stations and live music. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday and officially put Cabin Fever to rest!

Don't forget your basket!

Don’t forget your basket!

Other activities throughout the si-week Spring celebration will include garden demonstrations, live music, and a magic show—just to name a few! So pick a weekend, and go enjoy the nationally renowned Carell Dogwood Garden or maybe enjoy lunch in the Pineapple Room Restaurant that is on the grounds. Regardless of what you choose to make of your Cheekwood visit, I think we can all join in a resounding, “Hallelujah!” now that Spring is finally here!

*Visit their website for details regarding price of admission.

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