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DIY Holiday Wreaths on the Cheap — with Real Greenery!

When we moved into our current home three years ago and December rolled around, I knew I wanted holiday wreaths hanging on the all front windows. I also knew I didn’t want fake wreaths — nor did I want to spend $15 per wreath. I googled some ideas, browsed Pinterest, and decided I would make my own. Start up supplies are purchased once then used each year afterward, so the cost? Almost nothing. Today, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how you too can DIY holiday wreaths — beautiful and real wreaths on the cheap.

Gather your supplies.

First, decide how many wreaths you want to make. What you need:

  • Garden hand clippers.
  • Wire wreath frame – I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I wait for sales or use 40% off coupons that are endlessly available online. Amazon also has plenty as well as any craft stores. Decide what size you want! I have 12″.
  • Plastic twist ties – I got mine at Home Depot in the garden section. Amazon has plenty to choose from. I look for green so they blend in.
  • 3m hooks to hang your wreaths.
  • Bows, embellishments, etc if you want.
  • Tree clippings – Free at any location where Christmas trees are sold.

I always gather my tree clippings at Home Depot or Lowes. All the clippings are put into a huge wooden bin when trees are trimmed. Look around in the main tent where the workers wrap up the tree. Put on some gloves and gather up as much as you want.

DIY Holiday Wreaths Real Greenery

Create your DIY holiday wreaths.

I lay down each of my wreath frames and start clipping pieces of the branches about 8-10″ long. Use your twist ties to secure into place. Make the wreath as full as you want it. I also use a faux red poinsettia flower on each wreath for embellishment. After I’ve secured the clippings all the way around, I trim off any straggler pieces. I make 6 wreaths each year, and it takes about 20 minutes start to finish. Hang your wreath with your 3m hooks and stand back and admire your creation! At the end of the season, I remove the clippings, save the twist ties in a plastic baggie, and store everything away.

DIY Holiday Wreaths

Happy wreath making!

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