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Eat Local, Buy Local – Nashville Farmers Markets: East Nashville {series}

This week we’ll be highlighting a few of our local farmers markets. We at Nashville Moms Blog count ourselves blessed to live in a city that has such a wealth of local markets, and we encourage you to do some exploring of your own—check out your local farmers market. You won’t regret it!

I think that at some point, every mother-to-be with even reluctant locavore tendencies has at least one idyllic farmers market fantasy. Imagine for just one delightful moment: the baby is in the sling, the kohlrabi is piled high in the reusable bag, the air is perfectly spiced with pumpkin pie and dark roast coffee, and mama is wearing an inexplicably awesome hat reserved especially for selecting produce and artisanal cheese on a quiet Saturday morning (I have noticed an awful lot of hats at these things, haven’t you?). Shortly after my son was born, I almost abandoned my farmers market fantasy altogether. My experience tended towards a whir of sobbing, squirming infant, moldy blackberries, parking fiascos, spit up, tornado warnings, and regrettable hat selections on my part that I am embarrassed to inform you ranged from Pharrell to the Queen Mother. Most market days, I felt lucky to get out alive—generally, with little more than a purple carrot wedged between Sophie the Giraffe and a leaking sippy cup to show for all of my efforts. It was a dark, dark time in grocery shopping, my friends. Just as I was preparing to put my farmers market fantasy to rest (along with my Olympic gymnast fantasy and the one where I’m Olivia Benson from CSI), I discovered the East Nashville Farmer’s Market and I haven’t bought peaches at a chain grocery store since.

The East Nashville Farmer’s Market is located in Shelby Park right beside the playground and baseball diamonds every Wednesday between 3:30 and 7pm, May through October. Aside from being chock full of the usual market mainstays—wonderful local vendors, farm fresh produce, convenient CSA pick ups, food trucks, and more yummy carbs than you can shake a croissant at, this is—bar none—the most kid-friendly market I’ve ever shopped. I suppose it helps when you’re a mere 10 feet from a playground, but my son ain’t mad at the surrounding wide open spaces and neighboring choo-choo either. Most weeks there seems to be an activity specifically geared toward the little ones as well. Last week was Happy Feet Soccer, but The Reptile Guy and face painters have also been on hand to blow some kiddie minds.

I would be a terrible Nashvillian if I didn’t mention the music. They have music. Good music. Really, really good music. I’m convinced that bluegrass bands and farmers markets are the new *crunchy* peanut butter and jelly. After we load up on munchies, the tot and I make a beeline for a good patch of grass as close to the banjo/guitar/fiddle/upright bass as possible. He gets to show off his dance moves (which are fantastic, of course), and I get to sit down (woohoo!). Parents, this place is basically Pike Place meets Dollywood—don’t miss out!


While it is absolutely impossible to list all of the wonderful vendors to whom I am devoted, here are my absolute favorites:

The Peach Truck – The world’s most delicious peaches sold by darling young ladies that could go and model gold-lamé leggings for American Apparel but choose to sell peaches instead.

Bao Down – These steamed Chinese buns might be the best thing that has ever happened to food. My finicky child loves them, and he barely even likes me.

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese – Delicious Kentucky-made cheesy goodness. The Norwood and the curds are to die for.

Bella Bakery – Dear Bella Bakery, we are sorry for eating all of the samples last week and the week before and probably the week before that too. xoxox
This bread is crazy good. I know we live in a post-Atkins diet world and ALL bread looks good crazy good to our dough starved bodies, but trust me—this is stuff you want.

Santo Niño de Atocha Tortilleria – I literally cannot get my son in his car seat after the market unless he has access to an open bag of these tortilla chips. Warning: These all natural tortillas and chips are heavenly and will ruin you for life. I can’t even stand the sight of a Tostito any more. Taco Bell? Totally dead to me.

Chubby Bunny Baby Food – See? I told you this place was kid friendly! Give your food processor a break, and let bubs try some of Jemina Boyd’s delicious purees. My little veggie-phobe recommends both the Sassy Sally and the Sweet Sully.

Thank you East Nashville Farmer’s Market for making all my family-friendly foodie dreams come true!

See you next Wednesday! Don’t forget to wear your awesome hat!

The East Nashville Farmer’s Market, 1500 Davidson St., Nashville, TN 37206
Check out the web site for a list of vendors!

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  1. Jem Boyd August 12, 2014 at 11:37 am #

    Thanks for the mention, Shannon! We love the East Nash Farmers Market!


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