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Baby’s Firsts Crafts :: Father’s Day

Baby's Firsts Fathers Day NashvilleMomsBlog

My hubby is a HUGE baseball fan. Specifically, he cheers for the St. Louis Cardinals. This, of course, means I cheer for them as does our baby boy (he just doesn’t know it yet.) For his first Father’s Day, my husband is getting tickets to go watch the Cardinals play! He knew ahead of time what he was getting because I had to get his input on where he wanted to sit at the game. What he doesn’t know about yet are the two adorable gifts he’s getting to tide him over since we’re not going to the game until September. (They’re playing the Cubs—it’ll be worth the wait!)

I decided to stick with the baseball theme since I know it’s something I can’t go wrong with for this guy.

First, I had to commemorate how tiny Caysen’s hand is right now (of course), because I know it won’t be long until his little hands are throwing a baseball around and playing catch with Daddy:

baseball handprint
baseball prep

Unfortunately, I had to forego any cute pictures of his painted little hand or foot since I tackled these projects alone as the gift is for hubby this time.

This next one didn’t turn out quite as I imagined. I’m not an artist by any means, but I’m sure most of the focus will be on the sweet little footprint rather than my “fat bat.”

canvas prep


cardinal footprint

Like I said people—Not. An. Artist. But the thought is what counts, right? RIGHT?! I know little one’s Dad will think so.

I know there are other Cardinals fans in Nashville, but if your guy isn’t one, I’m sure you could get creative with just about any of the mascots and logos for whatever team he roots for!

My two silly guys!

My two silly guys!

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