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Feeding a Crowd? Try Sprouts Catering Trays!

This post has been sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market. All opinions are 100% our own!

There are graduations (from kindergarten to high school to college) happening all around. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Countless wedding parties are in full effect. These—and many more celebrations—make up so much of our spring and summer evenings and weekends. When the party is at your house, it’s nice to know where you can go to make the entertaining easier (while still keeping to high quality foods and products), right? Lucky us, Nashville—the new Sprouts Farmers Market location in Franklin, Tennessee is here to help!

We’ve had a house full of guests coming and going over the past few weeks. Add the beginning of summer vacation to that (all kids! all the time!), and we needed some help having easy, healthy food on hand. We wanted to spend time with our friends and family—not time with our kitchen (as much as I do dearly love my kitchen). So we ordered a few catering trays from Sprouts. Specifically, we ordered their Breakfast Tray, Pretzel Hoagies Tray, and the Fruit and Cheese Tray. Winners all around.


Let it be known that my husband is a MAJOR picky-pants when it comes to food. Also, the man loves some pastries. Turns out that our eleven year old is right there with him — on both counts. That boy ate EIGHT of these pastries for breakfast the morning I set these out. I had to remind him that other people were eating too! But really, I could hardly blame him. They were delicious. I know all the boys (our three year old included) were sneaking as many croissants as they thought they could get away with, but the pecan braid won my heart. It basically tasted like pecan pie for breakfast, and this Georgia girl was sold.


The fruit and cheese tray was no disappointment either. I put in some minor requests for changes, and they were all made beautifully with no questions asked. The original tray offerings include pepper jack cheese — our kiddos were not likely to go for it, and I’m not really a fan myself. They substituted the best fresh mozzarella I’ve ever put in my mouth. Yum. I’m still dreaming about it… Our sandwich tray was fantastic. (I also made special requests when ordering — we are a strictly no-mayo household!) We ended up packing up some of the sandwiches, fruit, and cheese, and heading out to Cheekwood for the morning. We had the perfect picnic with minimal work on my end! The kids gobbled it all right up too. Mom win!

catering picnic

Ordering was easy peasy. It’s all done on-line with full descriptions of the trays (including pictures) and an easy little box for special notes or requests. (If anyone knows special requests on food, it’s this mom.) The pricing is reasonable, the estimate of number of people served is pretty spot on. You just need to order 48 hours ahead of time. Then you walk in, waltz right up to the deli counter, and request your tray. A smiling employee brings your tray(s) out to you (that was our experience anyway!), you check out, take your food home, serve, and enjoy!

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