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Where To Find Frozen Treats In Nashville!

With a runny nose and itchy eyes it must mean that spring is here in Nashville! One of the best things about climbing temperatures, is the excuse to eat ALL the frozen treats that you would like. According to Travel + Leisure, Nashville ranks number three for America’s Best Cities for Ice Cream…how COOL is that!

To celebrate, we rounded up some of our favorite spots for ice cream, snow cones, and popsicles to get you through the  summer heat. 

frozen treats

Ice Cream

Mike’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar: Mike’s is in the heart of downtown. Mike’s Ice Cream has more than 30 homemade ice cream flavors to choose from.
129 2nd Ave N, Nashville

Jeni’s Ice Cream: Jeni’s ice cream has a smooth texture and super unique flavors to choose from. Although Jeni’s isn’t a Nashville born business we have taken them in as our own. 
There are multiple Jeni’s locations in the Nashville area:
Jeni’s East Nashville, Jeni’s 12 South, Jeni’s at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, Jeni’s Hillsboro Village, Jeni’s Brentwood, and Jeni’s At The Factory At Franklin

The Pied Piper Creamery: One of East Nashville favorites. The Pied Piper Creamery has a delicious variety of flavors with puny names that will make you smile.
114 South 11th St, Nashville

Supreme Kreme: Supreme Kreme is serving up rolled ice cream, Nashville’s newest and coolest way to indulge.
2309 B 8th Ave South, Nashville


Legato Gelato: Gelato that is always made fresh. Legato Gelato’s flavors will give you a small taste of Italy here in Nashville.
1200 Villa Place #113, Nashville

Doing it Old School

Elliston Place: The old fashion soda shop is a Nashville favorite. The former pharmacy has been serving our city for 75 years. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2111 Elliston Place, Nashville

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip: Bobbie’s will transport you to the 1950’s. Bobbie’s keeps it classic and delicious with their milkshakes, burgers, and ice cream.
Two locations: Downtown Nashville and Charlotte Ave (the original)

The Soda Parlor: This modernized soda parlor is serving up amazing floats, waffle mondaes, and moon shakes.
966 Woodland St, Nashville


Las Paletas: Las Paletas was this writers first taste of a gourmet popsicle and it was love at fist lick.
2911 12th avenue south, Nashville

Padrino’s Pops: These popsicle carts are popping up all around the city. Be sure to check out their website to see where they will be today.

King of Pops: No matter whether you are looking for creamy pops or fruity pops, King of Pops (and their amazing staff) has something for everyone. They even have Poptails (a cocktail and popsicle mixed in perfect harmony). Check out King of Pops website to find a cart near you.

Shaved Ice/Snow Cones

Blue Monkey Shaved Ice: A mobile shaved ice truck using 100% cane sugar and fresh fruit. Be sure to follow Blue Monkey Shaved Ice to see where they are.

Retro Sno Truck: This shaved ice truck brings unique flavors with delicious toppings to the Nashville snow cone scene.
You can find the Sno Truck on their website or they have a Retro Sno Shop in Hendersonville Produce at
760 E Main St, Hendersonville

Cotton and Snow Shaved Ice: This Hawiian style shaved ice shop even serves cotton candy as a side to their already delicious creations.
2444 Music Valley Dr, Nashville

We would love to know your favorite place to go for a cold treat. Share in the comments!

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