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Guide to Nashville Murals Part IV: Downtown

If you are like other moms I know and need a break from summer break, going on a tour of the downtown mural landscape is a nice way to offer a diversion for kids—of any age. Of all the areas in Nashville, I most looked forward to exploring the downtown mural space. The Nashville Walls Project brings in world renown street artists to liven up the Nashville skyline with creative works. Many of the murals appear in the downtown area.

I’ve seen these murals on some of my excursions, but now that I’ve been to over 70 of them in Nashville? I really appreciate the people who add color to the city through this art form. My daughter notices them now too. 

Taken your picture in front of “What Lifts You” yet? If not, then put it on your bucket list! This mural ranks as one of the most popular in the city. 

What Lifts You Nashville Murals Nashville Moms Blog

Haylee pictured here.


Downtown Nashville Murals What Lifts You Nashville Moms Blog

Pictured: Levi, Scarlett, Coralyn, Anneliese


Downtown Nashville Wings Mural

Caroline Ritter and Luke pictured above.


*Pictured: Jay and Katie Lown


Due to Nashville’s expansion, two murals have been removed. This Willie Nelson image was demolished along with the building it was on.

Willie Nelson Nashville Mural

The Nashville Skyline mural was replaced with this mural three months ago. It’s so new, they haven’t put a name to it.

Downtown Nashville Legends Mural

There are also some brand new murals just added to this list, so check them out! If you are in the mood for the sights and the energy of downtown, I recommend putting on your walking shoes and enjoying the murals on foot. Check the schedule for downtown events before you go. With kids in tow, you want to make sure to set yourself up for success! 

Downtown/Surrounding Area

Ian Ross mural

11th Ave South/Laurel Street

Ian Ross Downtown Nashville Mural

Jason Woodside mural

11th Ave. S/Laurel St.

Nashville Downtown Murals

Pictured: Kimberly Cooley with Wyatt and Liam


Nathan Brown mural

Corner of Overton and Mansion St. (Across from Barista Parlor)

Nathan Brown Downtown Nashville Mural

Chris Zidek mural

Corner of Overton and Mansion St. (Across from Barista Parlor)


The Garden Brunch Cafe mural

924 Jefferson St., Nashville

The Garden Brunch Cafe Nashville Mural

Rolf & Daughters mural

700 Taylor St, Germantown

Rolf & Daughters Nashville Downtown Mural

*Picutred: Isa, Zohe


Mars-1 & Curiot Mural

19 JR Gilliam Way (Inside First TN park)

Adele Renault Pigeon

235 5th Ave N (Inside lobby of Kress Building)

Gibson Tribute Wall

213 3rd Ave. N 

Guitar Downtown Nashville Mural

Legends Bar Mural

428 Broadway

Legends Bar Nashville Downtown Mural

Rone mural

530 Church St. (East wall of Cornerstone Building)

Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman mural

236 5th Ave. N (Northwest corner of parking garage)

Herakut mural

530 Church St. (North wall of Cornerstone building)

Curiot mural

530 Church St. (East wall of Cornerstone building)

I Believe in Smashville mural

501 Broadway (Bridgestone Arena Convention Center Entrance)

I Believe in Smashville Nashville Downtown mural

Tavar ‘Above’ Zawacki mural

236 5th Ave. N. (North wall of parking garage)

Arnold, Grider, Inkala and Peterson Mural

Across from Tavar ‘Above’ Zawacki mural

What Lifts You

302 11th Ave. S

*Pictured: Haylee


Nathan Brown mural

1911 Nolensville Pike (Barber Woodworking)

*Pictured: Julie Smith

If you missed out on the first three parts to our Nashville Mural Guide, click here for Part I, Part II and Part III.

Have pictures of you and/or your family in front of one of our murals?
Please share them with us!

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