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How I Met Your Father — Brewing Up Love in a Coffee Shop

How I Met Your Father — Brewing Up Love in a Coffee Shop is a part of a series celebrating love and marriage by telling the stories of some of our Nashville Moms Blog contributors and how they met their partners. Enjoy more of these sweet stories here!

As a born-and-raised Southerner, I was officially an “old maid” at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. I spent many years in search of the elusive “Mr. Right,” but I finally decided that enough was enough. I quit thinking of every social occasion as another opportunity to meet my future husband, cleared my Facebook profile of anyone I had ever dated, and decided to give up control of my dating life. I made the decision to practice some much-needed patience.

Around four months after I had made these grand declarations, I decided to attend a college and career singles event that my church was hosting at a local coffee shop. I was still new to the church, and this was my first event—so I made my brother attend it with me. He and I sat awkwardly at a table by ourselves—which now I realize probably made us look like a couple . . . not the smartest move! Just when we were considering leaving, one of the hosts came over to introduce himself and find out a little more about us. He chatted with us for a couple of minutes before telling us to stay put because he had someone he wanted me to meet. When he returned to the table, he had two guys with him. We all started talking, and this guy, Will, and I said something extremely random at the exact same time! The other guy was amazed and called me the female version of Will. (Clearly his friend was onto something because it turned out he would be my future husband!)

It took him a while to ask me on our first date. In the meantime, we had brief exchanges at church, on Facebook, and through texts. It got to the point where my mother said that if he didn’t ask me on a date, she would do the dirty work for him. (Eek!) Eventually, we made it past the flirting stage and went on our first date on Valentine’s Day of 2011. We were married in March 2013. Happily, we’re now expecting our first child this April!

I’m so glad that I got married a little later than so many people I know. My husband was so worth the wait!

Brewing Up Love NMB How I Met Your Father

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