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I Don’t Really Like Children . . .

I have never really liked children. I realize this may sound awful to some—particularly considering that I have three children myself. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my children deeply. I even love my neices and nephews. But I will not be the first to volunteer to watch them! This last Christmas, we were fortunate enough to have my whole side of the family together between two homes in a somewhat central location. (Between my parents and siblings and myself, we span three states and two countries, so this was a BIG deal!) Here is the crazy part: with 11 total grandchildren, nine were under the age of four years old. Yes. You read that correctly. We had nine children ages four and under—in one place! It was seriously loud all of the time. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget!

don't like children

My pretty teen in the middle of all the chaos (grandchildren)!

I see young girls wanting to play with my 18 month old at ball games, and little kids just love to be around him. I don’t remember being like that when I was a young girl. I did babysit a lot, but that might have been because there were three of us girls born in three years, so people knew they could always call the Hill house and get a sitter. The strange thing about my not particularly liking kids is that I always wanted to be a homemaker. I know. Crazy! I honestly think that after having my first two kids was when I realized I am good with my own, and I don’t want anyone else’s. This seems to be the norm for me, and I don’t know if that will change.

For many years, I didn’t dare mention the fact that I don’t like children. It made me feel like a ‘bad’ person—even perhaps a bad mom—for not wanting to be around others’ children and not volunteering in the church nursery. I’ve recently come to terms with my feelings about children—and realized that it is okay! I’m also quite sure that I am not the only momma that shares these feelings toward other kids. As moms, we have different strengths, and our uniqueness is what makes this journey so fun. We moms need each other for so many reasons. I’ll bring you a meal or do your grocery shopping—or even listen to you vent about the terrible two’s—but someone else can watch your kiddos!

In full disclosure: I would never let a friend be in a bind with childcare, if I was needed. And please don’t think I am not soaking up every second of my third child being a little one—it really does go by way too fast!

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