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Life at Sunset :: Danielle

“Do you ever meet someone and immediately feel a rapport with them?
With the Condon family, it truly felt like I was visiting with really good friends.
The kids were 100% in their own world while I was there, which I loved… It allowed me to capture some really great moments. Meeting baby Leo and seeing him as happy as can be after such a tough first couple months was such an encouragement.” —Tausha Ann Photography

sunset 1

When Tausha came to capture a typical day in our lives, we were happy to have a very typical, uneventful day for her to photograph. In the weeks leading up to this shoot, most of our days were spent at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with our newborn son. Leo was born in early December with a Congenital Heart Defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries. At 2.5 weeks old, he had open-heart surgery to correct it. We spent most of December—Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years—and the first weeks in January in the hospital. A month after he was born, we came home together as a family of five. Tausha captured such a happy time in our lives. I was still on maternity leave, and we were all just happy to be together.

Our shoot started around 4 pm. We were outside playing with our two oldest children, Emmi and Phoenix, when she arrived. With three children 5 and under, sometimes getting time alone to talk can be difficult. We try to take advantage of any time we get to catch up, and this was one of those moments.

sunset 2

I have always loved my husband, but once he became a father, it was like I found a whole new respect for him. I love seeing him with our kids.

sunset 3

These two. Whatever Emmi does, Phoenix does. He loves his big sister so much, and she is such a great sister for him to look up to.

sunset 4

Emmi loves to help in the kitchen. She helps me every night, and for Christmas, she got a new apron and cookbook to add to her growing kitchen supply collection. Her favorite TV shows are found on the Food Network, and she says she wants to be a Doctor at Children’s Hospital AND an Ice Cream Maker. I love this girl.

sunset 5

Phoenix is all boy. He could sit and play with his trains and cars all day—only stopping to eat. I love sitting and playing with him and look forward to the day when Phoenix and Leo are both perched at this train table.

sunset 6

My husband and I have a special love for TV and movies. He is a director, and together we own a production company. I think that we probably let our kids watch a little more TV than we should, but I know they both have the same appreciation for the stories and the art of film as we do. One of my favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together.

sunset 7

Our Sweet Leo. He has more strength and courage in his small, little body than I could ever have. Watching him go through what he did was heartbreaking, and at the same time, it made me so proud to be this little warrior’s mama. I know he will continue to grow stronger and stronger every day. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for this sweet boy.

sunset 9

sunset 1

Steve and I are so very blessed to have these 3 sweet babies. My heart is so very full.

sunset 8

Thank you, Tausha, for capturing our Life at Sunset.

For more pictures and a peek into Tausha’s perspective of the shoot, be sure to check out her post here. And don’t forget to check out the rest of this amazing series as well!

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