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Look, Ma — No Holes! Displaying Kids’ Artwork Without Destroying Your Walls

Look, Ma—No Holes! Displaying Kids' Artwork NashvilleMomsBlog

We recently moved into a new (old) home, and we’ve worked really hard at restoring where we could and carefully choosing materials, fixtures, and the look of the home when it came to new or unsalvageable parts of the house. Given all of that hard work (and the work yet to be done), it probably goes without saying that we don’t relish the idea of putting holes into these walls any time soon. However, we have two boys and a little girl on the way — all of whom will, at some point, be bringing home artwork that we (or they) would like to display. What’s a mom to do? Enter our newest find and fascination — AS Hanging Display Systems.

I love how easily the artwork can be changed out in these pockets!

My favorites so far are the Acrylic Pocket System (above) and the Casso Display Rail (below). Both of these systems enable you to create beautiful, personal, and unique displays in your home with absolute ease. These are just the beginning though—they have a variety of hanging systems that can help create all kinds of displays on any surface—without putting holes in either your artwork or the wall. Best of all, their unique solutions are cost-efficient, attractive, and safe.


How cute would a rail like this be in your kid’s room?

Additionally, since we have several original fireplaces in our home, I’m loving the options they have for hanging art (or mirrors!) on stone or brick—which can get really tricky, really quickly.



We’re still working through where to hang things and when, but these systems provide options that we didn’t have before. But we’re resting easy knowing that kids’ art, concert posters (hello, Hatcher’s Show Prints!), and arrangements of family photos will be easily handled as we take those steps!

What artwork do you have that you’d like displayed in your home?
Which of these display options appeals most to you?

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by AS Hanging Display Systems

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