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Looking For a Fitness Win?

Looking for a fitness win? Or any type of win? Do you need to feel like you are absolutely crushing something? Then go for a run . . .in the rain.

run in the rain fitness win Nashville Moms Blog

I’m currently training for the Music City Half Marathon, and today was my workout day. My full-time job makes training really difficult, so I have to run on my off days. Fully committed to my fitness goal, I scheduled a kid-free three-hour window this morning to run. Afterward I planned to get my monthly massage. (Because—self-care. Right mamas?). After getting the kids dressed and ready and then putting on my gear, I looked outside. Torrential. Downpour.

A little voice inside said “Welp. Can’t wait until this clears. I guess I’ll be getting wet.” Cue the Rocky music. And with that mindset, off I went. It. Was. AWESOME.

You know all those cars, trucks, and SUVs that blow right by as you’re waiting at the cross-walk? You have one child in the stroller and the other perched on a bike and you’re totally ignored? They STOP (possibly questioning your sanity) when you are by yourself and running in the rain! Garbage trucks reversed to give me room to cross! The few pedestrians out in the streets practically cheered for me. One actually said, “That’s dedication!” (Thanks random guy outside Fido!) I even got a head nod from a serious runner. (You know the one I’m talking about.) And coming down 12th Avenue, Eminem’s “8-mile” blasting from my pocket, it hit me. This is a total ego boost. I am totally crushing this easy recovery run—simply by being out here.

Do you need a win? Lace up those sneaks and head out when no one else will. Time? Distance? Pace? They don’t matter! You just went for a RUN—in the POURING RAIN. Do you know what that makes you? One Tough Mama. A Bad-Mother-Runner. 

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This frolic in the rain? Not my first rodeo. Let me share—

Tips from a Seasoned Rain Runner:

Wrap It Up—your cell phone, that is.

Put it in a ziplock sandwich bag. You’ll still be able to hear your music – but won’t risk water damage.

You WILL Get Wet. Dress Accordingly.

Wear a hat. Running in the rain can be liberating. Constantly blinking as rain drops and water rivulets pelt your eyes and forehead is not. Neither is seeing yesterday’s mascara running down your cheeks. If it’s less than 60 degrees out, wear a raincoat. The last thing you want to be is wet and cold.

run in the rain fitness win Nashville Moms Blog                                                                                                                                                                                                             Safety First.

Rain is distracting to drivers. Be sure to wear bright colors. Use cross-walks. Make eye contact and (polite) hand gestures to communicate your intentions with drivers. There’s “tough” and then there’s stupid. Use your common sense. If it looks like a hurricane out there with wind gusts at 40 mph? Do some cross-training inside.

Dodge the Puddles.

There are several benefits to this. First, it adds an agility component. Second, you can finally use that 6th-grade long jump training. Third, water makes your shoes really, really heavy. You will get wet, but try to keep your feet as dry as possible for as long as possible.

Stuff Those Shoes with Newspaper.

Never put your running shoes in the washer or drier. Instead, after you’ve finished your run, pull out the inserts and stuff the shoes full of newspaper. This helps absorb the water and dries out your shoes.

Now get out there and run! Seriously—you’ll love it.

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