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MOMMY TONK is Coming to Town — It’s a Party You Won’t Want to Miss!

MOM’S NIGHT OUT with MOMMY TONK — A party you won’t want to miss.

Wednesday, July 13th ZANIES COMEDY CLUB


MOMMY TONK is a musical comedy duo based out of Los Angeles. Two moms. One guitar. Cursing in perfect harmony. This 90 minute show about motherhood and marriage is packed full of irreverent comedy, heart felt storytelling, and the prettiest, filthiest music you ever did hear. These ladies don’t hold back! They say—or rather sing—what you’ve been thinking all along. It’s an evening of all out cathartic fun that is not to be missed.

MOMMY TONK Nashville Moms Blog Moms Night Out Zanies

Fresh off their sold out shows in Los Angeles, MOMMY TONK returns to Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville on Wednesday, July 13th as part of their multi-city summer comedy tour.

MOMMY TONK bluegrass comedy Nashville Moms BlogGroundlings and Second City alums, Shannon Noel & Stacie Burrows, blend their ability to harmonize and to curse perfectly in a honky-tonk style. Often called the “Tenacious D for moms,” MOMMY TONK has an edgy yet endearing style of comedy that has made them a favorite in mom communities from coast to coast. The ladies are backed by a fiddle-based variety trio performing American roots music in a country and bluegrass style.

“As a performer, I am constantly inspired by their work,” says actress/writer/performer Colleen O’Neill. “As a mom, I am forever grateful that MOMMY TONK exists to remind me that if I am crazy, then crazy is awesome.”

MOMMY TONK DADDY TONK parenting comedy Nashville Moms Blog

Mommy Tonk as Daddy Tonk – their alter egos

“Take a walk in the cowboy boots of these brilliant front-women through the trials and tribulations of dealing with husbands, feeding vegetables to children, and all the while keeping the sexy,” says Ava Bogle, producer/writer. “You won’t ever want to go back to a time before there was MOMMY TONK.”

MOMMY TONK comedy moms night out Nashville Moms Blog

MOMMY TONK has performed in LA, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Louisville, Nashville and New York including: The Boston Comedy Festival, The Comedy Store, Expressing Motherhood, The Unicorn NYC, Stagecoach Country Music Festival, The House of Blues, The Laughing Derby, and Zanies Comedy Club.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13th at 7:30pm.
Zanies Comedy Club :: 2025 8th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37204
Tickets available here:
Find out more about MOMMY TONK on their Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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