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Morning Sickness: Tips to help alleviate this All Day Sickness

Do you know what is the absolute worst? It is an all day hang-over that you got from not drinking at all the night before. That is what I felt like approximately 6 weeks into my pregnancy.

When my husband and I got pregnant we were thrilled! We had been trying for about 7 months, so when I finally took a pregnancy test and saw the clear positive sign, I was ecstatic. That excitement was quickly squelched by the overwhelming feeling of nausea that hit me approximately 2-3 weeks after I took that pregnancy test. I woke up one morning after having gone to a concert the night before and felt pretty bad. Considering I had not had a drop to drink the night before, I found the feeling very strange. Uh oh, was this the dreaded morning sickness I had heard about? I think all mothers who have experienced morning sickness of some sort know all too well that this feeling has very little to do with just the morning. My own sickness came in waves, but was basically present all day for the first 14-15 weeks of my pregnancy. Here are a few tips that helped this mom feel so much better.

  1. Eat: It sounds so simple, but it helps so much. Make sure that you eat small meals multiple times throughout the day. Absolutely do not skip any meals, especially breakfast. In fact, the earlier you get up and eat a little something, the better.
  2. Peppermints: Keep peppermints with you at all times. I kept them on my nightstand, in my work bag and purse. Peppermint helps with nausea. In addition, that tiny blood sugar boost gives you time to find real food to fill you up.
  3. Exercise: Even just getting up to walk helps the blood flow to alleviate that sick feeling.
  4. Keep busy: Keeping your mind off the sickness, and more on your normal day to day activities helps you forget how bad you might feel. Mind over matter. This doesn’t always work, but it definitely helps.
  5. Eat. It seems counter to everything you’ve ever know. You feel like you are going to throw up, why would you eat? But if you can get a little something down, it greatly helps to alleviate the nausea.  Also, once you feel hungry, its too late. Trust me, the more you can eat, even small snacks such as crackers or nuts, the better you will feel.
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