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Nashville — The Great Staycation Destination!

Every parent needs a break from their little ones. It may be as simple as a trip to Target or as elaborate as a trip to Hawaii. For those of us that need something in the middle, I’ve discovered the city of Nashville is an amazing “Staycation” destination.

How many times have you heard about the new trendy restaurant, amazing hotel or uber hip distillery and brewery…all of which share a common theme…not kid friendly!

My husband and I needed a night away without our two toddler boys. We were overdue. WAY overdue. Without the time and budget to take that trip to Hawaii, I couldn’t wait to take a staycation. I wanted to check out my town through the eyes of a child free tourist.

I contemplated on what kind of kid-free overnight adventure we wanted to experience. The hustle bustle of the Omni and rubbing elbows with tourists on Broadway? The swanky Thompson Hotel and enjoying the trendy vibe of the Gulch? Knowing we were in desperate need of relaxation, we opted for a quieter option of the Germantown Inn and the quaintness of the Germantown area. (If any parent of toddlers has the energy to pull an all nighter on Broadway, please let me know what your secret is!)

My husband and I wanted to start the trip out right, with adult beverages, of course! Nashville’s brewery and distillery game is strong right now. Our first stop was Corsair Distillery in Wedgewood Houston.

We walked in to the sweet smell of oak and bourbon with a bartender asking what cocktail we wanted to enjoy during our tour. Education and booze, this staycation was off to a great start!

Next we headed to our home for the evening, The Germantown Inn. What a cool way to experience Germantown! This historic B&B with only six rooms does not allow kids but they do have an awesome resident dog named Wrigley who will steal your heart. For a second, I thought about how much my boys would love Wrigley. But just for a second, now back to my kid free staycation. Did I mention they offer a nightly happy hour with wine?

Germantown has so many excellent places for dinner that I would never dream of taking my wild toddlers to on a Saturday night. I was looking forward to a meal where I could enjoy a bottle of wine without a crayon in sight.

We had planned on getting after dinner drinks at one of the fine establishments around Germantown Inn, but after a wonderful meal at Germantown Café, the hubby and I decided to retreat back to the Inn and enjoy a bottle of wine we brought with us go to bed. By 9:30.

To awake on a Sunday morning on your own without a screaming child, or the sound of something breaking at the crack of dawn, is something we haven’t experienced in years. To top it off, there was an amazing breakfast and hot coffee waiting for us in the main room (having Wrigley there to cuddle up with helped too).

My husband and I enjoyed every last minute in the Germantown Inn before checkout, already planning the next visit in my head. Not ready for our staycation to end, we stopped at the Nashville Farmers’ Market on the way home. Always a great stop and so nice to take a leisurely stroll through without screaming at your kids to stop touching the fruit.

Our staycation evening was only fifteen minutes away from our home. Fifteen minutes away from mounds of laundry, never ending cleaning duties, screaming toddler boys and pure exhaustion. Yet, it felt like our staycation was on a different planet.

I cannot wait to plan my next staycation and explore what else Nashville has to offer!
Maybe next time we will try to stay awake past 9:30…

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