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Exploring Nashville — Without Kids

I don’t know about you. But” back in the day,” I always tried to find fun things to do. Lately, now that I am older and have three kids, those “fun things” seem to have to find me. My husband started a new career about a year ago, and we made a big move from New York to Tennessee. And life just seemed to get in the way of any fun, adult time. I reminded myself of that promise I made back last January. You know the one where we promised each other we would get a babysitter once a month and go out without kids. You know, go on a date…? But we only went on maybe two. Please! Tell me I am not alone on this one!?

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So. I sat chiding myself for not being more determined. What kept me from sticking to that goal? I began looking up concerts. I mean, we are in Music City, right?! Nashville remains new and exciting for both of us. But we have mainly stuck to activities with the kids. My husband and I have always wanted to go to the Ryman. One of my favorite bands (The Head and the Heart) were playing. So I bought the tickets—without knowing if Nana could watch the kids. Or if my husband would be off of work. Or if we would all be hit with the stomach flu. (Because history proves that whenever my husband and I plan fun, adult alone time, tragedy strikes…)

I had a month to plan so I bought the tickets. And that was that. A few weeks later? I secured the world’s best babysitter (my mom).

And my husband and I took off to spend the day in Nashville.

We started with a short hike and good coffee. There are numerous trails and parks around Nashville, and I am pretty sure not one bad coffee shop. We then decided we should go ahead and park downtown. Because when I got really wild and crazy? I tried to book us a room and realized Adele and Chris Stapleton were both playing the night we were hitting the town. We hit a few honky tonks—which were so much fun. You really can’t beat the live music scene here (even with kids).

 night out in Nashville without kids Nashville Moms Blog

We managed to find a table in town (with a rooftop deck) where we people watched. We made it to the Ryman an hour early, grabbed a cup of coffee, sat outside—and talked. I may or may not have been pooped on by a flock of birds flying overhead. But as I mentioned earlier, we have yet to have an uneventful date. The Ryman was breathtaking. The music was amazing. And we were so glad we just took a day to spend together — without kids. We realized how caught up we had been in settling in and adjusting to so many new situations at once. We had forgotten about “us.” You know, the “us” before kids, careers, and life?

We also took note of many other date opportunities. Brewery tours, Wine on the Rails, brunch dates, canoeing, SUP, food tours and so much more abound in our city! Sure, we enjoy the days we go exploring as a family. But we realized how important making time to spend together — without being needed (except by each other). Being able to focus on our relationship is very much worth the investment. We are more determined this January to recommit to that promise to date more — and I hope you will too.

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