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Need a Sitter? Wyndy is Here to Help!

If you’ve never found yourself in need of childcare, your best sitters all busy, and time running out — are you even parenting?! All jokes aside, most of us can identify with the situation. There’s a panicky feeling that comes up as the minutes — or days — start to tick by. Your outing is looming, and you just know you’re going to have to cancel. Or maybe you had someone lined up who had to cancel. It’s the day of, and you’re at the end of your rope. We’ve got an answer, y’all. Wyndy. And we know you’re going to love it like we do!

Wyndy uniquely combines trust and technology while enabling parents to quickly and easily connect with background-checked, full-time college students in a way that benefits everyone. That’s right — all Wyndy sitters are background checked, college students from local universities.

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Tell Me More About Wyndy . . .

On just one handy app on your phone, you can find, book, and pay these sitters. Yes, payment happens directly through the app within minutes. How easy is that? No last minute stops at the ATM, scrambling for a check (do we even have a checkbook?!), or need for an additional app to complete your evening. And there are no hidden fees. You see, when you create a job, you select an hourly rate you’d like to pay for the job. Wyndy takes a small percentage of the overall total as a platform fee — your total won’t go up. And that fee is totally worth it to be connected to hundreds of reliable sitters. (After the job, you may choose to add a bonus for your sitter — but it is not required.)

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Tell Me More About the Sitters . . .

Want a little more info about your sitter options? You can browse Wyndy profiles and learn more about them — hometown, on and off-campus involvement, and even career interests. You’ll find information there on their childcare experience (What ages have they worked with in the past? Do they have experience with ADHD kids? Are they comfortable with pets? Are they willing to stay overnight?). Additionally, parents can use the parent connection feature to see how parents in their network have rated other sitters.

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Tell Me More About the App . . .

The app is so easy to use. When you start your profile, you’ll enter your neighborhood, your address (only visible when your sitter is assigned), any additional info that is pertinent for your sitters to know about you, and the sex and birth date of your children (as well as any specific needs – allergies, ADHD, etc). You’ll also enter emergency contact info and payment info.

When creating a job, you enter a start and stop time, the hourly rate of your choosing, select which of your children need care, and the click from a list of job needs such as bathing, feeding, bedtime, and driving. There is also an open section provided where you can include additional information about the job. Next you may choose whether to post to the job board for your local Wyndy sitters to express interest or to offer the job to your pre-selected Wyndy sitters. (There’s also an option to post to the board if none of your preferred Wyndys are available!) One of my favorite parts of the Wyndy app is that you can order your sitter options according to preference and set an amount of time for response before the app moves on to the notifying the next option. If you’re in a rush to fill a need, I suggest posting to the board as there are many willing and capable Wyndys in the Nashville area!

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I can’t begin to tell you how many people I’ve referred to Wyndy (BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME) — nor how many of them have gushed to me about how well it’s worked for them. So what are you waiting for? The app is free — you’ve got nothing to lose! Download it today and start booking your sitters stress-free!

Thank you to Wyndy for partnering with Nashville Moms Blog and serving our community! All opinions are 100% my own.

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