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Notable In Nashville : Rebel For A Change

What does it mean to be a rebel? Does it mean to go against the norm, to break the rules, to run in the wrong direction? Or maybe, can it mean taking charge of your life, despite what you’re surrounded by? Sometimes being a rebel means being happy no matter what. 

Rebel What For A Change (RFAC) was born with a very specific individual in mind. Created by someone who found herself in need of a community, RFAC aims to provide a place of support to those walking alongside loved ones in the throes of addiction. If you have someone in your life who spends their days engaged in a personal battle with drugs and/or alcohol, then you understand how powerless that can feel.  You want to help, but how. You try to help, but the person doesn’t want it. Before you understand what’s happening, you can find yourself suffocating from the weight of someone else’s poor decisions.

It is there, in that dark place, where Rebel invites you back into the light. You’re not expected to do the hard work by yourself. They understand that it is often too much to try and lift ourselves from the abyss. They want you to find community amongst those that understand. Enter: Love Club.

Love Club is a safe space to process your emotions in a healthy way, through healthy outlets. These meetings use “boxing, yoga, art, music, and pretty much anything fun we can get our hands on” to give Rebels a space for growth, conversation, and even finding  joy that sometimes gets lost while trying to fight another’s battles. Their goal is not to have you turn your back on those locked in the struggle, but to continue to live fully despite it. These meet-ups are the heart of RFAC. They want to see you, and hug you, and look you in the eye while they say “I understand. Me too.”

On their website, you will find upcoming events that are held around the Nashville area. There is also an option to buy a Rebel bracelet, to show that you stand in solidarity with your fellow Rebels. All proceeds go back into funding the Love Club and helping the participants to receive the support that they so desperately need. If you have a venue that would make for a great Love Club meet up, they would love to hear from you! Simply email [email protected].

So what about you? Do you find that you have lost yourself due to another’s illness? Are you ready to be a Rebel? They would love to have you. Come as you are. All Rebels welcome.



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