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An Open Letter to My Grandmother — How Did You Do It?!

Hi, Mamaw! Wow, we sure do miss you!

You were the best grandmother a kid could want. Your home was always welcoming and a place of great comfort. We never wanted for anything to eat, and we enjoyed knowing treats were hidden away for just the right time. Your lap was always available for us to climb into for hugs and kisses and to hear funny stories of people you knew.

Mamaw, you were such a great role model! You and Papaw successfully raised six children during rough times in our country. You then welcomed thirteen grandchildren, twenty-five great-grandchildren, and twelve great great-grandchildren into the family!

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May I ask—how did you do it?

  • Where did you learn how to be an outstanding grandparent?
  • How did you love us so profoundly, then watch us drive away, not knowing when you’d see us again?
  • What did you do with your heart as we drove off?

I’ve been a grandmother for fourteen beautiful months. I picture the love I have for my grandson as a very large carpeted duffel bag—similar to the bag carried by Mary Poppins. Like hers, it is a bottomless container that holds more than one can imagine. It is so very heavy and cumbersome, but usually a joy to carry. I’ve carried it all these months—and will from now on. The only relief I get is when I can spend time with my grandson and share my love with him. However, my frustration arises when visits aren’t as often as I’d like, and the bag’s bulkiness becomes overwhelming. Mamaw, how did you manage all the love you carried for your grandchildren?

  • Can you share the way you learned to contain your love for that new grandchild who you would only see twice a year?
  • How did you stuff your overflowing love into storage only to be brought out when the grandchild visited?
  • Did you learn to love and release?

Grandparenting is difficult, Mamaw. I’ve only begun to learn how to handle all the love I have for your great-great-grandson. I can only strive to study you and learn how you were such a wonderful grandmother!

Love you! Tell Papaw we said hi!

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