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Ordering in with OrderUp

Ordering In with OrderUp NashvilleMomsBlog

Last night, my kids and I spent a lovely evening playing late at the park and not worrying about dinner, because my husband was bringing home our dinner thanks to OrderUp. We rarely order in, and when we do it’s usually pizza, because who else delivers? But in the last two weeks, we have ordered sushi from Sushi Yobi and Mexican from Cinco de Mayo.

There were a few snags along the way, and as OrderUp is a fairly new service here in Nashville, that’s to be expected. The first time we ordered, we had them deliver to my husband’s office, which is downtown. Be warned, mamas, when you order sushi it takes a long time! OrderUp sent us a notice when they went to pick up our food and another when they were on their way to us, so we stayed informed the whole time, but the sushi itself took quite a while (which it often does in restaurants, to be fair), so we were a bit late feeding our hungry monsters that night. We ordered Mexican last night, and it was much faster.

The first time I used OrderUp, their website had a few quirks I had to navigate around, but once I did it was easy to find what I wanted and easy to order. When I had a question, I used their online chat feature and was chatting with a real, kind, and helpful person within seconds, and he answered all of my questions. Some of the restaurants (like Sushi Yobi) won’t let you order until 5pm, so if your family eats early, you may need to find a restaurant that lets you order earlier than that. In my online chat with OrderUp, I found out that the company is working on a feature that will allow customers to order earlier in the day so OrderUp can go pick it up right at 5. How perfect would that be!?

In New York, you can order practically anything (from food to groceries to wine to tampons) and hire a delivery service to bring it right to your door. Nashville’s not to that level of awesome yet, but with OrderUp I think we are getting there! On a busy night (or, if you’re like me and you’re wanting to spend a long, late afternoon out in this gorgeous weather), OrderUp will have you covered.

We’re excited to partner with OrderUp Nashville to offer Nashville Moms Blog readers $10 off your first order!
Just use the code nashmoms when you checkout!

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Disclaimer:: Nashville Moms Blog received compensation in exchange for this post; however, all opinions are our own and 100% genuine!

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