Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Why We Chose Open Adoption

When my husband and I pictured starting a family, we envisioned what every young couple imagines. We thought we would have a positive test eventually; we may experience a few bumps in the road, but—give or take—within 9 months we would have a bouncing bundle of joy. Fast forward through 2 years of negative tests, and it […]

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7 Ways Model Cooperation

7 Ways to Model Cooperation for Your Child

Cooperation is a basic life skill that allows children to make friends and work successfully with others. The definition of cooperation is simple enough: combining energies to work towards a common goal. However, teaching it can be a challenge as it requires a combination of character attributes, such as respect, honesty, patience and thoughtfulness. Every parent wants […]

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To the Mommies Who Can’t Breastfeed: You’re Doing Just Fine

  I don’t think that anyone will dispute the fact that breastfeeding is good for babies. The antibodies and nutrients that a baby gains from breastfeeding are, of course, beneficial. Many moms will speak to how it helps with bonding and how they love the quality time. But what about the moms that can’t breastfeed—or choose […]

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Finally! Friday & Fair Fashion ~ Downtown/East Side {Guest Series}

This month, we’re finishing up our series on local stores that carry thoughtful, sweatshop-free clothing and accessories by profiling shops closer to downtown and East Nashville—including one long-time fair fashion mainstay and a couple of newcomers. Scarlett Begonia The owners at Scarlett Begonia have provided fair fashion to Nashville for over 30 years by traveling to […]

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Viva la Diva Run! Calling All Divas & Dudes! {Sponsored Post}

{NMB has partnered with FiftyForward and their Viva la Diva Run for this sponsored post. We believe that it is important to support the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle for women (and men) of all ages. This race is the embodiment of that ideal, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!} FifyForward’s Viva la […]

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Little Pnuts — Special Delivery Toys {Sponsored Post & Giveaway}

{NMB has partnered with Little Pnuts for this sponsored post and giveaway. Like Little Pnuts, we want children to use their imagination and creativity. We think it’s important for children to get up off the couch, step from behind a computer, turn off the television, and find accomplishment in playtime. Little Pnuts gives you and your children the toys […]

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How To Dress Your Baby Like A Rock God: A Lesson in Last-Minute Costuming

Boo. That’s Boo. Not… It’s almost Halloween, and I’m not excited. When October 31st rolls around, we all say, “Boo!” for different reasons. I say it because I have to mutilate a perfectly functional gourd and wear cat ears to the grocery store. Halloween has just never really been my thing. It could be the […]

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