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Pair Up with Pear — the New Way to Support a Team!

Looking for ways to raise money for new jerseys for your child’s sports team or youth group? Maybe you’re looking to raise funds for your Booster Club? Whatever group you, your children, friends, or family are a part of, all can participate in this sponsorship opportunity with Allstate on Pear! Pear is an online sponsorship platform making it easy for all different types of groups, teams, and organizations to earn money for their support.

How it works:  AllState is offering up to $500 towards either a direct cash donation (available to registered non-profits) or custom apparel (available to all groups). You earn money by completing digital interactions such as “liking” Allstate on Facebook, visiting the Allstate website, etc. All of these interactions are done directly through Pear’s website. Each time one of these interactions is completed, it raises money toward your sponsorship. It is completely free for you and your group to use Pear, and anyone can complete the interactions to help you raise money toward your sponsorship!

crushers Pear NMB


It’s simple, easy, and free to earn money like the Crusher’s Soccer team [above] who earned $500 toward custom apparel! Are you, your children, or your friends part of a group or team seeking sponsorship? Check out this sponsorship opportunity with Allstate powered by Pear here.

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